Frequently Asked Questions About Taleo Inbox

You simply forward (or Cc or Bcc) any emails to to add them to your Taleo system. Taleo Inbox stores the email and any attachments to the appropriate candidate record in Taleo.

You can add comments to any requisition in Taleo by sending an email to [Req#] Have requisition attachments? No problem, Taleo Inbox will attach those to the requisition as well.

Taleo Inbox is smart: it searches your Taleo system for existing candidate profiles with the same email address. If the candidate exists in your Taleo system, Taleo Inbox updates the candidate. If the candidate does not exist, Taleo Inbox creates a new candidate in Taleo by parsing the resume.

Of course! Attach all the resumes you want to store in Taleo to an email and send it to

Existing candidates in Taleo are updated, and any new candidates are automatically created in your Taleo system. And of course, Taleo Inbox will email you a confirmation of all of the updates or new candidates created.

You can use OPTIONAL shortcut commands to boost Taleo automation from inside your email inbox by adding any number of the following commands to the top of the email body that you send to Taleo Inbox:

Attach a candidate to a particular requisition in Taleo
Attach candidates to a specific requisition in your Taleo system by entering the text below into the email that you are forwarding to Taleo Inbox.

  • Requisition = 437   OR
  • Requisition: Director of Finance (Taleo Inbox will look for open requisitions you own with that title.)

Specify a candidate's source
Improve your candidate source tracking by including the source command in the body of the email.

  • Source =   OR
  • Source: Company Website

Keep track of employee referrals
Is your candidate an employee referral? Make sure you include the referrer's name as well!

  • Referral= John Doe   OR
  • Referral: Jane Smith

Save comments to candidate's comment field
Need to add a comment to a candidate profile? Include comments in the body of the email. Let Taleo Inbox know that your comment has ended by adding three of the same punctuation marks in a row.

  • Comments = (place your comment here) ***   OR
  • Comments: (place your comment here) ///

Email [TaleoReqID#] (e.g. for requisition number 221) to add comments or attachments to that requisition. NOTE: This is a different email than the email that you normally use to send information to CANDIDATES.

Every time you send an email to Taleo Inbox, you receive a reply email letting you know what happened: like a candidate was created or a requisition was updated. No matter the result, Taleo Inbox emails you to let you know the information was added to Taleo successfully.

If you sent in a candidate resume...
The resume document might be in an unusual format. Taleo can only accept these types of resumes; .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, and .html. This is a Taleo system constraint.

Taleo may not be able to locate the candidate's email address in the resume. Taleo requires an email address to locate an existing candidate or create a new candidate profile.

If you sent in candidate correspondence...
The candidate email address must be included in the email, whether it be in the email body or in the TO / FROM / Cc / Bcc fields. Taleo needs the candidate email address to find the correct candidate profile in Taleo.

If you are able to successfully forward other items via Taleo Inbox...
Taleo Inbox may be confused about something specific to this resume, document, or email thread. In this case, you will be required to upload this item manually into your Taleo system.

  1. Is the requisition that you specified in the email in an "Open" status? Taleo Inbox will not assign candidates to non-open requisitions.
  2. Are you listed as a requisition owner on the requisition you specified in the email? You must be a requisition owner to attach a candidate via Taleo Inbox.
  3. Is the specified Taleo requisition ID number correct? If there was a typo in the ID number, the candidate may have been assigned to the wrong requisition in Taleo. Also, if you're assigning the candidate to multiple requisitions, make sure the requisition ID numbers are separated by a comma.

Yes, Taleo Inbox can handle a resume and other types of attachments for the same candidate in a single email.

Looking for a candidate resume you emailed?
Try searching in Taleo for the candidate profile by the email address.

Sometimes the resume has the candidate's full or formal name, not the name that you know them by via email. (e.g. Robert instead of Bob)

Looking for a cover letter, portfolio, or other attachment you sent in?
Any additional attachments forwarded to Taleo Inbox will be added to the "Attachments" section on the candidate profile. This section may be collapsed or included on the "Full View" tab in your Taleo system.

If you cannot find the attachments section anywhere on the candidate profile, please contact your Taleo Administrator to ensure that you have been granted access to view other candidate attachments.

Looking for an email chain you copied Taleo Inbox on?
Any emails forwarded to Taleo will be added in the "Contact Log" section on the candidate profile. This section may be collapsed or included on the "Full View" tab in your Taleo system.

If you cannot find the "Contact Log" section anywhere on the candidate profile, please contact your Taleo Administrator to ensure that you have been granted access to view candidate contact logs.

You can send in candidate resumes written in any of the languages below. Shortcut commands must be written in English, but comments or email conversations can also be in any of the languages below.

  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English (US and UK)
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish (worldwide)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

Click here to visit the registration page. Follow the on-screen prompts to get signed up.

Taleo Inbox will check to see if someone else from your organization has already registered. If so, you'll be automatically attached to the account and allowed to begin using the service immediately.

If you're the first registrant at your company, Taleo Inbox will send you a welcome email explaining how to setup a Taleo Inbox user that is required to use the service.

The whole process is self guided and can be complete in a matter of minutes!

An Taleo Inbox user is a special type of Taleo user that allows Taleo Inbox to communicate with your Taleo system.

Taleo Inbox needs one user license to use as a dedicated Taleo Inbox user. Taleo Inbox uses this profile to add information to your Taleo system based on the emails you send it.

The Taleo Inbox user must be assigned to the administrator role in your Taleo system. Taleo Inbox will not work with any other type of user role.

Check your email spam folder for messages from Taleo Inbox or

Complete the registration form again to confirm that the registration included the correct email and was submitted successfully.

Have you confirmed that you've successfully registered but still did not receive a confirmation email? Email our support team at

If you have not received a setup complete email from Taleo Inbox:

  1. Confirm the Taleo user has the following email address: (Typos happen to the best of us.)
  2. Check your email spam folder for messages from
  3. Confirm the Taleo Inbox user is assigned to the administrator user role in your Taleo system.
  4. Manually trigger the password setup email from your Taleo system to Taleo Inbox by clicking the "Send Password" on the Taleo Inbox user profile in Taleo.
Send Password

Try Taleo Inbox for free, no strings attached! No credit card is required to start the free 30-day trial.

To get started with the free trial, simply register (it only takes 30 seconds), create a new user in Taleo to allow Taleo Inbox to talk to your Taleo system (you will receive full instructions for this after registering), and start emailing candidate information into Taleo.

Yes! Once the Taleo Inbox user has been setup, everyone at your company can start using Taleo Inbox without any additional setup. All users just need to register for the service (it takes 30 seconds) and then they can start emailing candidate information into Taleo immediately.

Click here to learn more about what a Taleo Inbox user is, why Taleo Inbox needs one, and how to create one.

There is no limit with paid Taleo Inbox subscriptions. The 30-day free trial also allows you unlimited use of the tool.

RecruitingDash is the world's leading Taleo Business Edition technology and consulting services company. Some of the world's leading brands trust us to provide services and Taleo-integrated technology.

We are also the largest consumer of Taleo's API with extensive experience building tools that connect directly to Taleo.

Taleo Inbox will automatically set up a secure system-generated password for the Taleo Inbox user that connects Taleo Inbox to your existing Taleo system. All passwords are encrypted and not accessible by any humans anywhere, including RecruitingDash, and Oracle Corporation.

Not at this time. If you are a TEE user and would like to see Taleo Inbox support that platform, please contact us at and we'll keep you posted!

Email us with additional questions at



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